This site features web properties (ex: domains) for sale or rent (other opportunities may be available).


When it comes to websites our main focus is building and maintaining them, not really operating them. We used to keep abandoned sites up and running while the domain is still active, hoping for a new owner, however it became a strain on our resources.

Any abandoned websites that are left on our hosting server are now just deleted and any active domains get forwarded to a Facebook page. Once the domain does not get renewed by its owner (abandoned), it either gets dropped or WebTerritory takes it over.

Sometimes site owners are looking for partners or someone to take over when that happens they could be listed here.


Once a domain becomes the property of WebTerritory, we try to sell or rent them. WebTerritory Extra (the site you are at now) is where we list the domains that are available.

See a domain that interests you? Contact us!